Doki Reimbursement Application Form

dokiWatch, dokiWatch S, dokiPal

This reimbursement application is only for doki device Admins and will only accept the IMEI number and Admin email address.

Your device may be eligible for a partial or a full reimbursement based on the device activation date.  After submitting your Admin data in the below fields, the amount you may be eligible for will be shown on the registration confirmation page.


Listed below are the watches that are affected by this deactivation notice.

In order to receive your reimbursement, you must first verify your watch IMEI number and email associated with your account.

Verify your device

Use the form below to validate your device.  If you have more than one device, you will have to enter each device one at a time.

Admin Email Associated with Account

Step 1: Find Your IMEI Number

Your IMEI number may be found on your device, on the original box in which your device came, or in the Doki application

On your device

In Application

Step 2: Find Your Admin Email

For dokiWatch & dokiWatch S:

Go to Admin's App > Click the top left avatar icon > Click the arrow next to your profile > Find the Admin's Email

For dokiPal:

Go to Admin's App > Click the arrow next to your profile name > Find the Admin's Email



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